Double Tee DIY

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The very last t-shirt in this “diy” series is one of my favourites out of the four.  I initially had the idea to create a shirt with an opening in the back and after playing around with a pair of scissors, I created a shirt you can wear either forwards or backwards!  

All you need is a pair of scissors, a piece of tape & 1 medium men’s Hanes black v-neck

Step 1// Lay the shirt on a flat surface, front facing up and cut a straight line about 2/3 up the shirt. (I wanted the front of this shirt to have a higher neckline so I chose to wear it backwards and have the slit on the side that would technially be considered the front).

Step 2// Put the t-shirt on and use a piece of tape to mark where you want the t-shirt’s bottom to be.  I chose to have mine right above where a normal pair of jeans hits me.

Step 3// Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface and begin to cut an upside down “U” shape creating a high low effect (back being longer and front being shorter).  This step was a slow process of bit by bit, cutting away at the shirt, trying it on and continuing to make alterations until I was at the desired length.

The great thing about this shirt is that you can wear it with a pair of jeans (first look) or if you flip the shirt around, it instantly becomes a cute tied crop top that can be paired with high waisted bottoms or skirts.

LOOK 1 / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Aldo / Necklace: Aldo

LOOK 2 / Skirt: H&M


Crop Top DIY





Happy Monday beautiful people!  Here is the third DIY t-shirt I created using men’s Hanes t-shirts.  Today’s project is a simple white crop top and even though it would be easy to find something like this in sore, this is so inexpensive, easy and I like being able to customize how short it is!

You’ll need: 1 small white crew neck (mens)

tape (any kind)
marker/piece of cardboard or ruler (optional)

Step 1// Put the t-shirt on and using a piece of tape, mark where you want to make your cut.  I based mine off of where most of my high waisted shorts/jeans hit me.

Step 2// Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface.  Now, you can either jump right in and cut a straight line if you’re super talented OR do what I did.  Use a piece of cardboard or a ruler as a guide to draw a straight line right across the front of the t-hirt.

Step 3// Make one cut into the t-shirt above the line you’ve drawn (so you end up with no left over marker on your shirt) and then continue to cut only the front of the shirt.  Then using the front as a template, cut the back so that everything lines up.  I’ve found in previous experiments, the shirt has a cleaner cut if you cut the front and the back seperately.

Step 4//  Cut approx 1″ off each sleeve so it has a raw edge that matches the bottom.

Jacket: thrifted, Black Market / Shorts: Zara / Shirt: boyfriend’s / Shoes: Docs / Necklace: Aldo

Baseball Jersey DIY




In my previous DIY post for the “boyfriend tee” I mentioned how it was the easiest of the four tutorials but I lied.  This one by far takes the cake for simplicity.  All you need for this DIY is 1 small men’s white crew neck & scissors.  

When I took this t-shirt out of the package, there was already a perfect crease down the centre of the shirt.  All you need to do is cut one line starting from the top all the way to the bottom.  So simple, right!?

I love the finished effect of this shirt and it reminds me of a baseball jersey without all the colour and logos.  I decided to keep the look simple with this loose fitting black top and cool acid wash jeans for a minimal and effortless look.

Shirt: Walmart / Jeans: BDG, Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Aldo / Necklaces: Aldo

Check back next week for the part three of this DIY series!

Boyfriend Tee DIY



This is the first of four “DIY” posts and probably the easiest to make.  Since I’m not an overly crafty person, I was really pleased with the results and proud I was able to cut more than one straight line!  I love the oversized fit of this shirt and it’s so easy to pair with a skinny jean and look great with a statement necklace.  

I purchased two packs of Hanes t-shirts from Walmart.  One 3 pack of small white crew necks and one 4 pack of medium grey and black v-necks.  For this shirt, you’ll need one grey v-neck, a marker and a pair of scissors.  

Step 1// Cut the top of the shirt to create a wider neck line and about 1 1/2″ off each sleeve.

Step 2// Lay the shirt flat on a hard surface (front facing up) and cut two slits on each side about 3 1/2″ up the shirt

Step 3// Start cutting the front from one slit to another and make a “U” shape to create a curve in the shirt.  Then use the front as a template to cut the back.  Is this making sense?

*Tip*: When cutting your t-shirts, always cut less than you think you want and go from there.  It’s easier to make adjustments if you want the sleeves shorter but you can’t do anything when you’ve cut too much!!

 Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Aldo / Necklace: Aldo

Pajama Day



My favourite clothing silhouettes are slouchy and oversized, which is why I think I do a lot of layering and also love anything that is a little (or a lot) baggy.  I purchased these pants over a year ago from Joe Fresh but still reach for them all the time, whether it’s to wear them out or to sleep in.  Heck, multi purpose pants are the best!  These days, this silk jogger style pant is so common, but at the time, I hadn’t found anything like this in any stores and loved the idea of a loose fitting silky trouser.  I really love the whole feel of this outfit and how it has a polished yet laid back vibe and the cherry on top is that it’s so comfortable and effortless.

Top: Zara *on sale* / Pants: Joe Fresh (similar here & here) / Shoes: Aldo *on sale* / Sunglasses: Black Market (Toronto)

 Total cost:  $80

Alien Baby




If this wasn’t a blog based solely around the fact that I’m broke, then these shorts would without a doubt be 100% leather…but let’s be honest – they were $20 and on sale at Zara.  They’re a new(er) addition to my wardrobe and I’ve been struggling to find the “perfect” way to style them.  Many attempts were made, but this short and sweater combo is my favourite.  Pairing this look with a deep purple lip, I ended up feeling like a bad ass modern galactic alien baby (or something).

Sweater: Zara *on sale* / Shorts: Zara *on sale* / Backpack: Aldo *on sale* / Shoes: Aldo *on sale* / Sunglasses: Aldo

Total cost: $130

Knit Wit





Figuring out ways to incorporate knits throughout the warmer months without overheating to death is a challenge I love taking on.  With the bottoms being so light and breezy, the heavier knit doesn’t feel overwhelming and adds a great texture contrast.  Once again, Lane’s hat proves how sometimes you just need that one extra thing to pull a whole look together and grabbing it before we left to shoot was the best idea.

Cropper Sweater: Zara *on sale* / Romper: Zara *on sale* / Boots: Aldo (last season) / Necklace: Aldo / Hat: Target

Total cost: $160

Boyfriend Jeans





 Let’s get one thing straight- these are not Lane’s jeans.  Just a simple outfit sans accessories today.  I love the relaxed fit and light wash of these jeans mixed with this loose colourful tank.  In my opinion though, these shoes kind of pull everything together and I think the chunky white soles make it a little more graphic and fun.

top: Value Village / jeans: American Eagle *on sale* / shoes: Aldo *on sale* / sunglasses: Black Market, (Toronto)   

Total Cost (w/ current sale prices) : $53

Beauty Must Haves

My top 5 holy grail products + my personal reviews that I tried SO hard to keep brief but failed at.  Here we go!


1. DevaCurl Products - I’m lucky enough to have a hairdresser for a mother.  This means two things – free haircuts and extremely good discounts on brand name products.  I discovered the line DevaCurl a few years ago and my curls have been thanking me ever since.  Seriously.  If you have any type of curl in your hair, this shampoo & conditioner combo will change your life.  
Sephora carries most of DevaCurl’s products (if not all) should you want to try them out!  They also have a trial kit featuring 4 of DevaCurl’s essential products so you can test them out before committing to the full size bottles!


physicians formula


2. Physican’s Formula “Canyon Classics” Palette - Good eyebrows are an essential part of my beauty routine.  This eyeshadow quad by Physician’s Formula, more specifically the medium brown colour on the bottom left has been my go to eyebrow powder from the very beginning.  I’ve tried other products, both drugstore and high end, but always come back to this palette.  All four eyeshadows are completely matte and perfect for both filling in my eyebrows and creating the perfect natural or smoky eye.  It costs about $8 and is available at most Walmart’s and Shoppers Drug Mart’s.  In combination with this palette to fill in my brows  I’ve been loving this brow filler brush from Sephora.


3. Waterproof Mascara - I always go for drugstore brands when it comes to mascara and waterproof is a must.  I work 8-9+ hour days running around in an overheated store and the last thing I need is for my mascara to flake and smudge.  As far as brand, I don’t have a preference.  Lately, I’ve been using the Maybelline Mega Plush (far left), but I’ve also used the other two shown above – Covergirl Lash Blast Volume and Maybelline One by One.  All do the trick just fine, and using an eyelash curler is a definite must.


4. Dry Shampoo – Yep, dry shampoo definitely makes the top 5 but it has to be Batiste.  I’m totally open to trying new brands but out of all the dry shampoos that I’ve tried, this is the best and I have nothing but praise for this product.  I only wash my hair once a week since I’ve been blessed with curls that get better every time I sleep on them.  I love using this on my roots as a touch up to give my hair some life! 


5. Coconut Oil – All hail coconut oil.  Focussing on the beauty benefits alone, coconut oil is a dream come true.  My body moisturizer and waterproof eye makeup remover have both been replaced by it and I also recently starting using it for oil pulling.  After drinking a big glass of water when I first wake up, I swish a table spoon of coconut oil around my mouth and it not only makes my teeth feel incredibly clean, it also whitens them (speaking from personal results)!  My hair has also benefitted from this multi purpose oil and every couple weeks I’ll use it as a hair mask on my ends leaving my hair soft and shiny.

Skate Away




I think my best outfits come from literally throwing on random pieces without putting much thought into it.  Pairing these shorts with this loose fit cargo style vest seemed like a no brainer for an effortlessly cool look and this is one of the reasons I love having a lot of “basics.”  Lucky for me, my boyfriend’s hat was sitting by his bed and I noticed it right before we left to shoot.  Currently, this is my favourite outfit thanks to American Eagle featuring me twice on their instagram page! See here & here

Top: American Apparel / Shorts: American Eagle / Vest: American Eagle, similar here / Hat: Target / Shoes: “Gwaydien” from Aldo / Necklace: Aldo / Sunglasses: Black Market (Toronto)