Valor Collaboration

Valor Edit

I was contacted about a month ago inquiring about my interest in a watch collaboration my initial response was hesitant. I don’t wear watches, since I hadn’t found one that felt like the right fit for my personal style.  So, you can imagine my excitement while browsing Valor’s products and seeing this beautiful marble piece.  I received this watch in the mail last week and was so excited to open it.  I can honestly say that photos don’t do it justice and it was love at first sight.  I’ve been wearing it daily and have received so many compliments on it.

Valor is an Australian based company, created by Tonet Bermejo.  When creating the brand, his main goal was to bridge the gap between affordability and quality product – without compromising design.  Looking on the website, you’ll notice a consistent theme between all of these designs; a logo free face, sleek band and minimal branding let the design speak for itself and allow the person wearing it to style it to fit them personally.

When it came to styling, because of its classic and minimal appearance, this watch was easy enough to really pair it with anything.  For this specific post, I wanted to keep the palette monochromatic and really just work with textures.  Mixing black leather with the white mesh, and these silky jogger pants paired with these spiked heels.  All while obviously complimenting the watch and creating a cohesive look.


Outfit Edit




If you like what you see, check out the rest of Valor’s styles ( and if something catches your eye, you can use the code MEAG15 at checkout to save 15% off your order.  I also believe free shipping is offered worldwide, which is always a plus!

watch: Valor, “Lightning Carrara”* // top, necklace and jacket: H&M // pants: Joe Fresh // shoes: Christian Louboutin “Baila Spike 100mm”

Disclaimer: Valor sent me this watch as a collaboration, however my opinion of the brand and product is 100% my own.

It’s All In The Details


Since I’m not one to heavily accessorize, usually keeping it to a statement necklace or bracelet, I look for little details in the clothing I wear to add interest to the overall look.  Both this turtleneck and heels caught my attention for the small details that make them different from your basic shirt or stiletto.  The subtle ribbed detailing of this top and longer than average sleeves instantly caught my attention.  I love how the tight silhouette of the turtleneck looks tucked into denim with a loose fitting vest layered over top.  In the shoe department, I’m not someone to jump, or walk, in a 120mm heel, but after slipping my feet into Cross Blake, I instantly fell in love with how sexy they looked and the texture of the fishnet material on the toe.  In addition to the fishnet/patent leather combination, I can’t help but shoot heart eyes at how these heels make my feet feel like they’re wearing lingerie. 





top: Zara / vest: Forever 21 / jeans: Topshop / shoes: Christian Louboutin (style: Cross Blake 120) / necklace: H&M

Finding The Pros To Bodycons


When it comes to getting dressed, I would typically rather focus on the styling and clothing itself rather than draw attention to my own body ; which is why I tend to shy away from bodycon dresses and anything similar, finding I feel too exposed.  When I was going through my closet pulling looks for this shoot, I found this dress and it sparked something inside of me.  Instantly, my new challenge was to style it in a way that didn’t showcase every curve of my body while straying away from something that looked frumpy and unpolished.  After layering a long white button down and my trusted (and slowly deconstructing) leather jacket, I felt that I’d finally found a pro to the bodycon.  I also fell in love with the lines and structure created when the shirt was tied around my waist.  The oversized button down and leather jacket were great pieces to help contrast the dramatic heels and tighter layer underneath, while still having an outfit that complemented both my body and style aesthetic.





dress: AMERICAN APPAREL –  shirt: FOREVER21 – jacket: H&M – shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (style: Megavamp) ]

Breaking Boundaries with Stripes


When it comes to shopping, I only follow one rule:  If I don’t fall in love with it in the store, it can’t come home with me.  I take this pretty seriously and over the years it’s helped me not only with budget conscious spending but also narrowed down the difference between a must have piece and something that will sit in the back of my closet with tags still attached months later.  With such lenient return policies in so many retailers these days, it’s easy to purchase clothes with the mindset that you can always return it if you change your mind.  More often than not, I find you get too lazy to ever bring it back and even though I do believe over time some pieces can grow on you, it’s really not a healthy way to spend money.

Somewhere along the lines, my one and only rule became blurred and this is where it gets tricky.  Did I fall in love with these pants and pattern in the store – YES.  Could I picture myself wearing these and working pants with stripes into my existing wardrobe – HELL NO.  The day after purchasing these, I wore them to work and after a few side glances in the mirror, I knew that my hour break would consist of running around the mall  to find a pair of black high waisted jeans to switch into.  Clearly at this time, my commitment to colourfully patterned culottes hadn’t been set in stone and I needed some prepping before being able to confidently wear them with ease.  Looking back to that moment, it’s probably why I held onto them.  Well, that and the fact they’d already been worn and I took the tag off.  My stubbornness also wanted to make them work, so they stayed in my closet for about 4 months before I touched them again.  While purging my closet of clothes I no longer wear, I came across these a couple weeks ago and decided to try one more time and realized the potential they had all along.

The lesson I learned from this and advice for this post is that yes, I do still believe you need to fall in love with something before making the purchase in store.  However, if it’s something you can’t immediately picture yourself wearing but want to take on the challenge to make it work, rid yourself of any preconceived boundaries you’ve set for what you can or can’t wear.  Bring it home and pair it with your favourite go-to pieces.  If it doesn’t work after that..well, I guess it’s a good thing most stores allow full refunds. x




top + culottes: Zara // jacket: H&M // boots: Aldo