Effortless Dressing



Being lazy is probably the last thing that comes to mind when looking at this outfit, but in reality is how it all came together.  I was wearing my joggers and this t-shirt while getting ready for the day trying to think of what to wear.  I slipped into this vest and continued looking for something to wear underneath it but when I stepped away from my closet and looked in the mirror, I realized that by throwing on this vest my outfit went from “blah” to the complete opposite.  It was a great reminder that sometimes the best outfits are born from not putting too much thought into it.

vest: Forever 21 / t-shirt: Forever 21 / joggers: Joe Fresh / flats: Aldo / hat: Aldo  


Summer Skin





For me, transitioning from one season to another is always a little tricky.  I’m ready to buy some new clothes for the upcoming season but I’m also not ready to temporarily say goodbye to my favourite pieces from Fall that are a little too heavy/hot to wear now.  My problem lately has been that I haven’t found anything for Summer that I really love and since I do all of my shopping in store and not online, I’ve been limited in options. Thankfully, I took a risk and ordered this dress online because I love how it looks and I can already tell it’s going to be a well loved piece in my closet this Summer.

dress:Missguided / boots: Aldo / sunglasses: Aldo

Blending In



In most cases, “blending in” isn’t something I’m all that good at, but I love the idea of mirroring aspects of nature by wearing certain colours, textures or patterns.  The slight marble pattern on this almost floor length shirt is just enough to add some extra dimension to the look without overpowering anything.  I’ve found that I like it best paired with all black underneath but I plan to do some experimenting with different colours in the near future.
top: H&M / joggers: Joe Fresh / boots: Christian Louboutin / necklace: H&M


Thigh High





I have a hard time saying “no” to shoes, specifically black pointed toe ankle boots.  So when I found myself wanting tried these on, I was kind of surprised at myself and even more so when I loved how they looked.  While wearing black suede boots this time of year isn’t the most practical, I think they’ll be perfect to wear out on nights that are slightly chilly.  

dress: H&M / top: Forever 21 / boots: Aldo / necklace: H&M