1 Shirt, 3 Ways – Pt. 3



There are times when even the best of things must come to an end.  This is the final look I put together with this black shirt, hopefully exposing the versatility of what basic pieces in your wardrobe can achieve.  Pairing it this time with my well loved pair of boyfriend jeans and my new favourite pointed toe suede boots we have an outfit that is cool and effortless.

shirt: Urban Outfitters / jeans: American Eagle / shoes: Aldo

1 Shirt, 3 Ways – Pt.2



For the second part to this series, we’re dressing down and keeping things casual.  I paired the black top with my favourite pair of blue skinnies for a look that says ‘lunch with the girls’ or perhaps, ‘I only have 3 minutes to get dressed for work but still need to look put together’ or maybe even ‘I know I wore this yesterday but I liked it so much I’m wearing it again today.’  I guess what I’m trying to say that it’s a simple versatile look that can be worn for a variety of outings.  But whatever you decide to get dressed for, I wish you the best of luck. 

shirt: Urban Outfitters / jeans: American Eagle / shoes: Aldo / necklace: Aldo


1 Shirt, 3 Ways – Pt.1

With a new season approaching – I know you’re out there somewhere Spring!! – it can sometimes be hard not to indulge in new pieces from spring collections.  After splurging on a few items myself shortly after Christmas (oops),  I told myself enough is enough.  So, for the next little bit I’ve decided to stop spending money on clothes and instead, try to rework my closet.  

I put together three different looks all using the same sheer black shirt.  I thought this shirt would be a good “base” item since a lot of people have shirts similar to this.  But if it’s not your cup of tea, you can always substitute with something else like a crisp white button down or a cozy knit.




Huge shocker, I’m starting out with an all black outfit.  These boots have been sitting in my room, unworn for about a month now which is super impracticable and I felt the need to style them with one of these looks because I was starting to feel a little guilty for even buying them.  The boots are on the edgier side and create the perfect contrast when paired with the more feminine silhouette of this shirt and skirt combo.  For my makeup, I chose to go with a blown out bronze smokey eye and an ombre red lip.

shirt: Urban Outfitters / skirt: H&M / necklace: Forever 21 / boots: Zara


New Year, New You?

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The new year is upon us and the first month has almost come to a close.  At the end of each year, I like to reflect on the past twelve months and create a plan for the new year with a new set of goals.  I make both short and long term goals-personal as well as career oriented-and then figure out how I’m going to make it happen and the steps I’ll need to take.  I thought I’d share some of my goals for this year, as well as some things I’ve been doing over the past few months.  Be warned, this post is anything but short and sweet.

Cook More
I love cooking and trying different recipes, but lately have found myself relying on going out to eat or ordering in.  Because sometimes pizza and Swiss Chalet take hold of my emotions and I just can’t say no, you know?  The downside-I’m left with an unfortunately light and empty wallet. SO, I’ve decided to start prepping my meals a head of time for work so I don’t use the excuse of not having enough time.  I’ve also started waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to actually make myself breakfast and pack a lunch which makes a huge difference.  Note: this does not mean that pizza will not be consumed on a weekly basis.  Just in smaller/less doses.

Be Active
Real original, I know.  Way back when, the gym, exercise and I had an extremely happy relationship.  Sadly, somewhere along the line, we fell out of love and I cut them out of my life…until about a month ago.  The building I live in has a gym and I swear no one is ever in it aside from an old man who occasionally lifts 5 lbs weights.  Basically a missed opportunity to not take advantage, right?  So I started working out 3-4 times a week and I’ve fallen back in love with my long lost friends.  It’s reminded me how good it feels to work out first thing in the morning or to let it be an outlet when you’re having a bad day. 

Drink Up
Talkin’ bout hydration people!  They say that drinking lots of water on a daily basis is good for you, so I’ve decided to take the plunge and see if what “they” say is really true.  I started monitoring how much water I consumed and noticed a huge difference going from days where I drank up to 3L of water to days where I drank a weak .5L.  It’s like my mom always says, ‘it’s hard to remember the things you forget’.  Truer words could not be spoken.  Ever notice how the things your parents said when you were younger usually become very relative and true when you grow up? Drinking water consistently was definitely something I had to train myself to remember to do, but now it’s second nature and I have no problem drinking copious amounts on the daily. Tip:  Adding lemon juice or green tea bags to your water is a great way to trick yourself into  drinking more and is also a nice change sometimes from just plain ol’ H2O.

Clean + Clear
People who know me are already smirking, Lane being #1.  So let’s be real-I am a disorganized and messy person.  There I said it.  I lose my phone at least two or three times a day while it’s either in my pocket or sadly sometimes in my hand, I’m always dropping and spilling everything and after a day of not knowing what to wear, my closet (which sometimes can also be known as my entire room), is a serious force to be reckoned with.  My first step was to get rid of the mess which is my closet.  Within the next few weeks, I will be selling a lot of my clothing and shoes for extremely low prices in hopes to get rid of things I don’t wear anymore or haven’t worn at all.  So far I’m still working on how I’m going to actually improve on this so I’ll keep you posted.

And there you have it folks!  More or less all of my personal goals for this year. Let’s kick some 2015 ass together~

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