Finding My Solemate [life update]




 Over the past few months I’ve been going through some very exciting changes – my new job being one of them.  At the end of March I was offered a position with a company and brand I’ve always admired and am so honoured to now be a part of.  I’ve accepted a position with Christian Louboutin at their Yorkdale Boutique within Holt Renfrew and couldn’t be happier with my decision.  Since the outfits I post here are almost always related to what I wear to work, they will on occasion include my work shoes as well.  Obviously alternative options can be made and related to this specific outfit, any black pointed toe pump will do.  As I transition into this new job, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who supported me in making this decision and I can’t wait to see where this job takes me!!

duster: Forever 21 / joggers: Topshop Joggers / heels: Christian Louboutin / necklace: H&M

Linear Movement




After a month hiatus from all blogging related activities, I was so excited to finally set aside a couple hours to shoot some new looks!  I recently purchased this striped body-con dress from American Apparel and have been pairing it with so many different pieces.  It’s so versatile and acts as a great base to start from when creating an outfit.  This dress is extremely form fitting which is a silhouette I typically don’t experiment with, which is why I love how this boxy, over sized vest contrasts so well when layered over top.

Dress: American Apparel / Vest: Forever 21 / Boots: Aldo / Bracelets: Project Village / Necklace: H&M


Beauty Battle: Makeup Sponges


I’ve been using Quo’s version of the Beauty Blender for almost two years now but my curiosity got the best of me after I continuously heard people raving about the name brand version.  After receiving a gift card to Sephora over a month ago, I decided to find out if this tiny pink sponge was worth all the hype.

Whether you have the Beauty Blender or another alternative, you use them all the same.  Run it under the tap, making sure to squeeze the sponge to fill it with water.  After it’s full, it will have expanded almost twice in size.  Then, you’re going to want to squeeze all the excess water out and if needed use a towel to further dry it however, using the sponge while damp is ideal.  Another great tip I’ve learned is to spritz the damp sponge with any type of setting spray.  I typically use Urban Decay’s All Nighter and the difference in the lasting power of my foundation is ridiculous.  Usually by the end of the day, I would have some redness around my nose and cheeks peeking through, but when I apply the setting spray on the sponge before applying my foundation, I have flawless coverage all day that doesn’t budge.


Quo Blending Sponge, can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart

Retails for $5-6


Beauty Blender, can be found online or Sephora
Retails for $26



SAVE!!  After purchasing the Beauty Blender, I used it for over a month to get a fair opinion about it and to be quite honest, I couldn’t wait to switch back to my cheaper alternative.  Don’t get me wrong, the Beauty Blender works great but for the steep price point I don’t feel that it’s any better than the one I was already using but at close to 4x the price.  Also,  I don’t really like the texture of the Beauty Blender.  It’s not as soft as my Quo sponge and doesn’t feel as nice on the skin.  In my opinion, go for the lower price point and use the money you saved and pick up a setting spray to use in combo with the damp sponge to give your foundation that extra staying power.

White Hot




Standing in this cold and dirty alley the only thought going through my mind was, I’m going to drop this vest and it’s going to land in a puddle be ruined.”

Luckily, I didn’t drop it thanks to my death grip but this is one of the main reasons I don’t buy white.  I get too scared about spilling things and with my track record of clumsiness, it’s not a far-fetched thought.  After purchasing this vest and falling in love with how crisp white looks with almost everything, I decided to challenge myself and work more white pieces into my closet this Spring.  So far, we’re off to a great start and this vest is currently sitting in my closet looking brand new.  Now the only thing left to do is stock up on bleach, because it’s only a matter of time before I temporarily destroy it.

vest: Forever 21 / tank: Value Village / pants: Joe Fresh (similar here) / heels: Aldo (similar here + here) / necklace: Forever 21