The Perfect White T-Shirt


A couple months back, I found myself in a frenzy looking for a top to go with this skirt – a task more daunting than it seems.  I had an event to go to and for some reason, my mind was made up in wearing this skirt.  I can’t be alone in feeling that you never find what you’re looking for when you have something specific in mind.  Everything I tried on was either too cropped, had too much volume, wrong get the picture.  A woman on a mission, I took a second lap around the mall and walked into Aritzia, which admittedly is not a store I visit often, but it lead me to find the perfect white t-shirt. I know, I know, it’s literally just a plain white t-shirt with no pockets or significant detailing but it’s the cut that sold me.  There’s an elastic on the bottom!!  Which clearly,  makes it the best cropped top (EVER) to pair with any high waisted skirt or pant.  What I love most is that it gives you that “tucked in” look without the bulk.  I’ve found it to be such a versatile piece and reach for it on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.  Not only does that mean I’ve become extremely familiar with hand washing my whites but I’ve also debated going back to see if it comes in any other colours.  I’m about to be super boring, but I feel like this could also be great in black..yes? x




shirt: Wilfred // shoes: Christian Louboutin // necklace: Aldo

photos taken by: Calyssa Pickles []

Making Wide Leg Pants Work


Always wanting to rock wide leg pants, I had slight hesitation, worrying the proportions would be strange.  I guess this is a good lesson on why it’s important to try things on, because these pants actually make my legs look longer and are honestly the easiest thing to throw on when in a rush but still need to appear put together.  They’re basically a glorified fancy pajama pant, if you will.  Most times, these type of pants are paired with cropped tops, which made me want to try styling them differently and make this look more “work appropriate.”  And if you don’t have to deal with dress codes, I’m envious.  Anyways, this plain grey t-shirt tucked in seemed like a great start and instead of layering with a necklace, I opted for this neck tie (which is actually just the tie from a black trench coat I have).  When I’m not wearing heels, you can usually find me in these sneakers so they were an obvious choice and I really liked how they looked underneath the pants.  Since wearing this, I’ve experimented with different tops combinations and these pants have easily become something I’ll reach for all Summer long. I just got back from New York, where I wore these pants two separate days with different tops so stay tuned to see other ways I styled them.  I’ll be sharing everything we shot within the next couple of weeks, I’m so excited~~ xx






t-shirt: GAP // jacket: H&M // pants: ZARA // shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN // neck tie: (not sure to be honest, it’s the tie from a black trench coat I have)

photos by: Calyssa Pickles // 

Touch of Blush


Sometimes, the best pieces are found unexpectedly and thanks to my short-ish legs, this “tunic top” is actually the perfect mini dress.  I fell in love with the softness of this light blush pink colour and lately have been integrating more of these hues into my daily life – cue lighter lipstick shades and rose-gold eyeshadows.  I fell in love with my Naked 3 palette all over again.

With a dress this flowy and feminine, these metallic stiletto sandals reminiscent of a spiky disco ball, were the perfect match to add some edge.  Layering with a leather jacket, even in 20 degree+ weather seemed like an obvious choice to pull the whole look together.



dress: DYNAMITE // jacket: H&M // shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (style: Miziggoo 120mm) // clutch: YSL

outfit photos taken by: Calyssa Pickles

Clean Slate


It feels strange but good, writing a new post in what feels like ages (technically it’s only been two months).  I’ve always made a point of only creating content that I actually enjoy making since I don’t see a positive outcome in putting effort into things that doesn’t make you happy.  I’ve felt somewhat uninspired lately and felt the need to take a step back, do some self-reflecting and self-discovery without any distractions.  After a short break, I couldn’t think of a better way to start blogging again, than by working with my favourite internet and real life friend, Calyssa (

I get outfit inspiration when I’m shopping and getting dressed, from surroundings in my daily life and love mixing different textures together.  Unintentionally, I also featured this top in my last post, styling it in a slightly more androgynous way with pants and my over-loved leather jacket – I’m currently looking for a new one, HELP!  Here, having the shirt half tucked into the high waisted leather skirt, shows off my curves while still keeping everything very minimal and light – especially on those warmer Summer days (whenever they decide to get here and stay).  x






top: H&M // skirt: ZARA // necklaces: ALDO // shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN