Wildest Dreams



This title has absolutely nothing to do with the actual post what so ever.  I’ve just been really obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album and referencing it on the regular has become a way of life.

I’ll be honest.  Sometimes I can be a tad lazy when it comes to getting dressed and there are times I’ve worn the same shirt (or a shirt very similar) and jeans two or three days in a row.  But!  You would never know because of how I accessorize and I’ll add things to the outfit that make it look completely different.  It’s all about making the most out of what you have.  I’m more of a casual dresser, but I don’t like looking “casual” if that makes any sense.  So what I like to do is mix my more casual pieces like this flannel, with a cool pair of boots, a wide brimmed hat and a statement necklace.  When you break it down, I’m in the most comfortable outfit ever, but the heel, necklace and hat dress it up a bit.

Also, if you’re into makeup, it’s a great way to accessorize too!  I recently bought a blue lip pencil and it instantly gives any outfit that “cool factor.”  I absolutely love a good statement lip, especially in Fall and Winter when everything is a little drab outside.  You don’t have to go as far as blue, but even wearing a bold pink or punchy red will add to your outfit.

T-Shirt: Walmart / Shirt: Gap Body / Jeans: American Eagle / Boots: Aldo / Hat: Aldo / Necklace: Aldo

Project Village Collab




About a month ago, the lovely people at Project Village contacted me about a collaboration and after hearing about their brand and point of view I couldn’t wait to jump on board!  Project Village is a new social enterprise bracelet company that employs and empowers underprivileged women in Toronto.  Each bracelet is handmade and part of the profits from each bracelet sold go directly into support programs for these women to break the cycle of poverty.

Check our their website www.projectvillage.ca to see the full collection of bracelets, both men’s and women’s.  I went with options on the more neutral side, as I mostly wear black and white anyways.  The styles I chose were Black Jane, Big Mama Pearl and Pearl Strati.  Check our PV’s insta too – instagram.com/pro_village

Jacket: H&M / Shirt: DIY Jersey / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Aldo / Hat: Aldo / Bracelets: Project Village

 Note: I was sent these bracelets from Project Village and this is a sponsered post, but all opinons expressed are my own.


Must Haves for Fall, Pt. 3: Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are my absolute go to item to dress up a simple t-shirt and/or to add interest to my outfits.  I only added silver options, mostly because I am partial to silver over gold and find that silvers tend to be a bit more versatile (in my opinion).  Starting from the left top row,

“FILAWIA” Necklace – Aldo,  $25
Lexie Chain and Spike Necklace – Boohoo, $35
Gwen Rope Perspex Necklace - MissGuided, $17.08
Warehouse Rope & Diamante Necklace – ASOS, $47.01
Chain & Rhinestone Necklace – Forever 21, $22.90
Gunmetal Beaded Statement Necklace – Rare London, $26.97
Marquiese Rhinestone Statement Necklace – Forever 21, $29.90
Rhinestone Necklace – Zara, $49.90
Mixed Stone Necklace – Zara, $29.90


Must Haves For Fall, PT. 2: Button Downs

BUTTONDOWNS_final blog headerBUTTONDOWNS_final_no titlesWelcome back to pt.2 of this series!  Today we’re talking button downs.  I wanted to include a good mix of colours, textures and styles as lately I’m trying to experiment a little bit with wearing different colours.  It has been a bit of a struggle, but I like the challenge.  These kinds of shirts are great for layering and they look great with anything from skirts to boyfriend jeans.  If you’d like your outfit to look more polished, reach for something with a good crisp fabric and a classic shape.  If you’re looking to be a little more casual, reach for a flannel or something very flowy and loose.  The shirt you pair with your outfit can completely change the vibe and feeling so have fun with different shapes and how you wear them!

Onto the shirts, starting top row, left to right

BDG Christine Checkered Shirt – Urban Outfitters, $59
Kimchi Blue Sarah Button Down – Urban Outfitters, $44
1969 Western Tencel Denim Shirt – Gap, $59.95
Denim Sleeve White Shirt – Pixie Market, $56
JOA Collar Sheer Dress Shirt – Daily Look, $47.99
Miranda Shirt Dress – Daily Look, $54.99
Super Soft Plaid BF Shirt – Garage, $36.90
Pop Boutique Check Shirt – ASOS,  $53.25
Short Sleeve Casual Shirt – ASOS, $68.13
Glamorous Oversize Checked Shirt – ASOS, $59.64

After this series of posts is finished, I’ve been thinking about taking my list of items from my own closet and showing different ways of styling them to give you some more ideas.  What do you guys think!



Must Haves for Fall, Pt. 1: Ankle Boots

ANKLEBOOTS_final blog header

ANKLEBOOTS_final no titlesI searched stores and online to find my favourite picks for the top 5 items (I think) everyone should have in their closet for Fall/Winter.  I decided to spread out this post into 5 parts, starting with ankle boots!  Starting from the top row, left to right.


Lace Up Cut-Out Booties – Daily Look, $44.99  

High Heel Ankle Boot With Zip – Zara, $35.99

GABBA Ankle Boot – Aldo, *sale* $109.98

New Look Ariel Cut Out Ankle Boots – ASOS, $63.88


Pertora Monk Boots – Topshop, *sale* $145

All Dressed Up Chelsea Ankle Boot – ASOS, $89.46

Billy Croc Buckle Boots – Topshop, $83

Bootie with Chains – Zara, $129


Silence + Noise Treaded Leather Ankle Boot – Urban Outfitters, $89

JuJu Black Chelsea Jelly Ankle Boots – ASOS, $53.25

Eadaoin Hibou Boots – Little Burgundy, *sale* $129.98

AFYLLA Ankle Boot – Aldo, $120

What do you think!  Which pair is your favourite??

Wearing The Pants




   I do love wearing skirts and dresses, but for me, pants are where it’s at.  With that being said though, there are times when I struggle with making my outfits look different on a daily basis.  There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same type of outfit everyday (i.e. t-shirt and jeans/pants) but there are days when I find that too plain.  Over the past few months, I’ve been reaching for accessories to change things up without actually changing a thing.  Jeans (disco pants in this case) and t-shirts will always take up more closet space than I’d like to admit but throwing on a statement necklace and a hat polishes everything and makes it look less “basic”.

T-shirt: Gap / Shirt: Thrifted, Black Market / Pants: American Apparel / Shoes: Aldo / Hat: Aldo / Neckace: Aldo

Fly Away



There’s nothing better than throwing on a cozy knit sweater when the temperature drops.  Since a lot of my pants are high waisted, this cropped knit is perfect and doesn’t have the added bulkiness that a full length sweater would have.  Lately, I’ve been liking this particular sweater paired with my disco pants and how the textures contrast each other so nicely!

 Sweater: Zara *sale* / Pants: American Apparel / Shirt: Thrifted, Black Market / Shoes: Aldo / Necklace: Aldo

Total cost: $268


Transitional Pieces




Transitional pieces are so important to have in your wardrobe.  They allow for versatility and allows you to have pieces you can wear all year round.  What I love so much about this dress is that it looks great paired with tights, a jacket and ankle boots but take all of that away and you have a pretty summer dress that can be worn when spring and summer roll around.

Dress: H&M / Jacket: H&M / Boots: Aldo / Necklace: Aldo

Total cost: $189

Laundry Day



There are two purposes to this post.  The first, being that I wanted to share how effective layering a t-shirt over a dress can be.  The second and probably more important of the two, I am about to teach you how to cut down on doing laundry.

A glimpse at most of my mornings, especially those that involve me going to work.  Toothpaste always finds a way onto my tops and coffee stains decorate the thighs of my pants.  Looking at the girl in the pictures above, she’s cool, collected and effortless.  While in reality, let’s be honest, there is a perfectly placed drop of foundation on the top of this dress.  While some would try to become less clumsy, I kind of embrace it in cases like this because if I hadn’t spilt makeup on my dress, would I have thought to place this t-shirt over this dress?  Well, probably..but where’s the fun in that.

Shirt: H&M (men’s) / Dress: H&M / Shoes: Aldo (similar here & here)  /Sunglasses: Black Market (Toronto)

Total cost (I borrowed the t-shirt): $160