Adapting to muted colours


Let’s start by saying that bright colours will not be entering my closet anytime soon but over the past few months, have found myself with a more open mindset towards slightly saturated hues and muted colours in general.  All black outfits just haven’t been “cutting it” for me and so, I began my hunt for pieces that add more interest/colour.  Enter these olive green trousers found while browsing the chaotic racks of H&M Square One.  What first caught my attention was the asymmetrical cut and silver d-ring belt which immediately made me picture how great these would look with black pumps and layered pieces over top.  Shooting outside lately has been extremely difficult with this winter freeze happening and I’m extremely thankful we caught it on a decent day and only had to deal with -6 temperatures, as oppose to the -20 business right now happening in the city.  It goes without saying that you’ll be able to find me with blankets permanently wrapped around my body until this cold winter takes a hike.  Better yet, this could be the perfect opportunity to plan a vacay in the sun ASAP.






//SHOES – Christian Louboutin (Anjalina 100mm)


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