Breaking Boundaries with Stripes


When it comes to shopping, I only follow one rule:  If I don’t fall in love with it in the store, it can’t come home with me.  I take this pretty seriously and over the years it’s helped me not only with budget conscious spending but also narrowed down the difference between a must have piece and something that will sit in the back of my closet with tags still attached months later.  With such lenient return policies in so many retailers these days, it’s easy to purchase clothes with the mindset that you can always return it if you change your mind.  More often than not, I find you get too lazy to ever bring it back and even though I do believe over time some pieces can grow on you, it’s really not a healthy way to spend money.

Somewhere along the lines, my one and only rule became blurred and this is where it gets tricky.  Did I fall in love with these pants and pattern in the store – YES.  Could I picture myself wearing these and working pants with stripes into my existing wardrobe – HELL NO.  The day after purchasing these, I wore them to work and after a few side glances in the mirror, I knew that my hour break would consist of running around the mall  to find a pair of black high waisted jeans to switch into.  Clearly at this time, my commitment to colourfully patterned culottes hadn’t been set in stone and I needed some prepping before being able to confidently wear them with ease.  Looking back to that moment, it’s probably why I held onto them.  Well, that and the fact they’d already been worn and I took the tag off.  My stubbornness also wanted to make them work, so they stayed in my closet for about 4 months before I touched them again.  While purging my closet of clothes I no longer wear, I came across these a couple weeks ago and decided to try one more time and realized the potential they had all along.

The lesson I learned from this and advice for this post is that yes, I do still believe you need to fall in love with something before making the purchase in store.  However, if it’s something you can’t immediately picture yourself wearing but want to take on the challenge to make it work, rid yourself of any preconceived boundaries you’ve set for what you can or can’t wear.  Bring it home and pair it with your favourite go-to pieces.  If it doesn’t work after that..well, I guess it’s a good thing most stores allow full refunds. x




top + culottes: Zara // jacket: H&M // boots: Aldo

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