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It feels strange but good, writing a new post in what feels like ages (technically it’s only been two months).  I’ve always made a point of only creating content that I actually enjoy making since I don’t see a positive outcome in putting effort into things that doesn’t make you happy.  I’ve felt somewhat uninspired lately and felt the need to take a step back, do some self-reflecting and self-discovery without any distractions.  After a short break, I couldn’t think of a better way to start blogging again, than by working with my favourite internet and real life friend, Calyssa (

I get outfit inspiration when I’m shopping and getting dressed, from surroundings in my daily life and love mixing different textures together.  Unintentionally, I also featured this top in my last post, styling it in a slightly more androgynous way with pants and my over-loved leather jacket – I’m currently looking for a new one, HELP!  Here, having the shirt half tucked into the high waisted leather skirt, shows off my curves while still keeping everything very minimal and light – especially on those warmer Summer days (whenever they decide to get here and stay).  x






top: H&M // skirt: ZARA // necklaces: ALDO // shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN




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