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Happy Monday beautiful people!  Here is the third DIY t-shirt I created using men’s Hanes t-shirts.  Today’s project is a simple white crop top and even though it would be easy to find something like this in sore, this is so inexpensive, easy and I like being able to customize how short it is!

You’ll need: 1 small white crew neck (mens)

tape (any kind)
marker/piece of cardboard or ruler (optional)

Step 1// Put the t-shirt on and using a piece of tape, mark where you want to make your cut.  I based mine off of where most of my high waisted shorts/jeans hit me.

Step 2// Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface.  Now, you can either jump right in and cut a straight line if you’re super talented OR do what I did.  Use a piece of cardboard or a ruler as a guide to draw a straight line right across the front of the t-hirt.

Step 3// Make one cut into the t-shirt above the line you’ve drawn (so you end up with no left over marker on your shirt) and then continue to cut only the front of the shirt.  Then using the front as a template, cut the back so that everything lines up.  I’ve found in previous experiments, the shirt has a cleaner cut if you cut the front and the back seperately.

Step 4//  Cut approx 1″ off each sleeve so it has a raw edge that matches the bottom.

Jacket: thrifted, Black Market / Shorts: Zara / Shirt: boyfriend’s / Shoes: Docs / Necklace: Aldo

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