Finding the Perfect Knit


Since the beginning of Fall, I’ve been on the hunt for a good oversize chunky knit sweater.  I had a long list of qualities it must have: oversized but not so big that I look like I’m wearing a potato sack, must be able to roll up sleeves or wear down, has to be versatile enough to wear with jeans or skirts, and the knit has to be chunky, thick and soft.  More than anything though, I was looking for a sweater that not only possessed these qualities but had a reasonable price as well.  Knitted sweaters like this are classic in a sense that they can be worn with almost anything and aside for hot summer days – be worn at any time of the year – but they’re not something I ever feel an urge to splurge for.

Long story short, I’m in love with this sweater and have deemed this item as “my new favourite.”  I use the term loosely because it seems that every new item I purchase ends up being my favourite.  With that being said though, I have made a rule to myself that if I don’t absolutely love it in the store, I won’t bring it home.  It’s not something I always follow, it does help me carefully pick and chose what gets added into my wardrobe.


Disclaimer:  Wearing jeans with holes in them, having your bare hands exposed, and not wearing a jacket, are a fool proof way to make sure every inch of your body freezes and becomes numb while outside.

sweater: American Eagle / jeans: American Eagle / shoes: Aldo / necklace: Aldo

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    • Funny you mention it! I am in love with that sweater but just not convinced it’s worth the $80 (in my opinion). But I might eventually cave. I love American Apparel

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