Finding The Pros To Bodycons


When it comes to getting dressed, I would typically rather focus on the styling and clothing itself rather than draw attention to my own body ; which is why I tend to shy away from bodycon dresses and anything similar, finding I feel too exposed.  When I was going through my closet pulling looks for this shoot, I found this dress and it sparked something inside of me.  Instantly, my new challenge was to style it in a way that didn’t showcase every curve of my body while straying away from something that looked frumpy and unpolished.  After layering a long white button down and my trusted (and slowly deconstructing) leather jacket, I felt that I’d finally found a pro to the bodycon.  I also fell in love with the lines and structure created when the shirt was tied around my waist.  The oversized button down and leather jacket were great pieces to help contrast the dramatic heels and tighter layer underneath, while still having an outfit that complemented both my body and style aesthetic.





dress: AMERICAN APPAREL –  shirt: FOREVER21 – jacket: H&M – shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (style: Megavamp) ]

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  1. Hi Meg, I love this outfit… I love your IG posts too. would love it if you make a post about vintage Tees! I’m a huge fan with your style, it’s gorgeous !

    Lots of love <3

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