Game Changer



How can I even begin to describe my love American Apparel’s disco pants.  I can’t really. They are perfect, the fit is killer, but before two weeks ago, they were non existent in my closet.  I’ve had my eyes on them for a good year but held off mostly because of the price.  My patience wore off eventually and I finally splurged with no regrets.  Right now, you’ll find everything except these pants in my closet and it’s because I’ve been wearing them almost everyday.  Ok, ok, you get it…I have nothing bad to say.  Keep this in mind though, if you feel like something is missing in your life, as if your life just isn’t fulfilled, I’d suggest going out and picking up a pair of disco pants.  They’ll change your life.

top: Zara • pants: American Apparel • sneakers: Converse

Total cost: $172

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