The Growing Pains of Growing Up


There are always times in my life when I feel like being an adult isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  These photos and this post is the perfect example.  I was in New York at the beginning of July and it’s taken me over a month to get these photos up.  Between dealing with an eye condition, trying to find a new apartment and balancing an on again/off again relationship with my bed, “free time” isn’t something I find myself having.  This isn’t meant as a complaint, just putting it out there in case anyone else is feeling over whelmed in the responsibility that’s called being a grown up.  You’re not alone!!  This trip to New York was such a mind clearing vacation and I was so lucky to be able to explore this city with my best friend.  With that being said, I’m also so happy I was able to squeeze some time in to post these photos and start making whatever time I can for myself again.  These pants, as shown in a (previous post) are literally the easiest to pair with anything and for a day roaming around Central Park, made the most sense.  Anyways, I’m off to go see two more apartments and will hopefully be able to say I’ve found one by the end of today.  Wish me luck! x




top: Dynamite (use to be a dress, cut it into a crop top) // pants: H&M // denim jacket: H&M // sunglasses: Aldo // sandals: Christian Louboutin (style: Bikee Bikee Flat)

photos by: Calyssa Pickles

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