Guilty As Charged



I use to be someone who hated “outfit repeating.”  Now, I kind of embrace it and I’m not one bit ashamed.  I’m not talking about wearing the exact same outfit, but I do tend to stick with the same silhouettes.  Basically, I just have a lot of t-shirts that I pair with the same few jeans and my trusty leather jacket.  In the summer jeans will be switched for skirts but while I’m at work especially, this is my non mandatory “uniform.”

Here, I have two completely different looks and all I did was change the pants.  By changing from my relaxed “mom” jeans into my sleek disco pants, the look went from being super casual to something a little more polished and dare I say more “sporty.”

top: American Eagle • necklace: Aldo • jeans: Goodwill • disco pants: American Apparel • shoes: Aldo

Total cost
First Look// $136
Second Look// $212

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