How To: Wear Dark & “Crazy” Lip Colours

Over the past couple of years, I’ve taken a liking to lipstick more than any other type of makeup.  These are my personal tips, tricks and advice to people wanting to branch out and wear those colours that you don’t think you can “pull off”.

Mouth Closed

#1. Keep the rest of your makeup simple
If you’re just beginning to experiment with bold lipstick colours, it’s a lot easier when the rest of your makeup is kept simple and isn’t competing with your lips.  Stick with a clean face, maybe a hint of blush or bronzer to bring some colour into your face, a few good coats of mascara and neutral coloured eye shadows.  

#2. Try, try, again
When I tried red lipstick for the first time, I hated it.  Since every lipstick is made differently with different finishes and tones, you’re going to have to experiment and try different colours and brands to see what works best for you!  When I started, the drugstore was my best friend.  Though there’s not as wide a colour range as Sephora or MAC, it allowed me to try lots of different colours and not feel guilty for spending a lot of money.

#3.  If you love it, wear it
This is the most important rule and something I can’t emphasize enough.  I realize not everyone is going to like my green or blue lips, but that’s ok, because they’re not the ones having to wear it, I am.  Be confident in your choices and you’d be surprised how many people won’t question it.  More than not, when I wear a lip colour other than the normal neutral pink or red, people always comment and end their compliment with, “but I could never pull it off.”  Here’s the secret-you can pull off anything you want to!  A black/purple lip might take some getting use to but if you love it then you should do whatever makes you happy.

Crazy Lip Mouth Open_no titleLip Colours// Top row (left-right)
     Annabelle kohl eyeliner in Green as base w/ Revon lipstick in Black Cherry on top
     MAC lipliner in Nightmoth w/ MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 lipstick in the middle
     Revlon lipstick in Black Cherry

Bottom row (left-right)
     Mac lipliner in Nightmoth
     Mac lipliner in Nightmoth w/ Revlon lipstick in Black Cherry
     Annabelle kohl eyeliner in Green

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