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 A couple months back I went shopping with a friend and as we were about to walk out of the mall, we passed by Gap.  She asked if I wanted to stop in and my response was, “sure, but I’m not going to find anything I like…Gap isn’t really for me.”  Well, it only took me about 10 seconds after walking into the store that I realized I was wrong.  Beyond all of the clothing that truly “wasn’t me,” I discovered how great Gap’s t-shirts are.  Long story short, I walked out with 5 t-shirts and a new appreciation for a store I once thought was “meh.”

Onto the outfit- It was a bit of a colder day,  so I opted for pants and boots.  I wanted to add some texture to the look so I layered my current favourite necklaces on top of each other and switched out my leather jacket for this denim one to take the edge off.  Five minutes later I was ready to go drink beer on a patio somewhere. 

jacket: H&M, unavailable (similar here & here) • t-shirt: Gap • pants: American Apparel • boots: Aldo

Total cost: $256

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