Making The Cut




Saying I have a tendency to over pack is an understatement, so when I found myself making a trip back home to visit my family, I decided to only bring one outfit to wear multiple ways.

Tuesday morning, my mom found herself with an open appointment and I was looking for a change, which lead to cutting 3.5″ off my hair.  I love how healthy my hair feels although I’m not crazy about the length.  Lucky for me, my hair grows incredibly fast.  I also found this fake septum ring in my purse while looking for a lipstick and decided to pop it in for the day.  Oh, and even though I only brought one outfit, I still managed to drag 4 pair of shoes along.  I guess I still have some work to do.

mesh top: H&M / jacket: H&M / flannel: American Eagle / jeans: American Eagle
hat: Aldo / boots: Aldo / glasses: Aldo 

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