Making Wide Leg Pants Work


Always wanting to rock wide leg pants, I had slight hesitation, worrying the proportions would be strange.  I guess this is a good lesson on why it’s important to try things on, because these pants actually make my legs look longer and are honestly the easiest thing to throw on when in a rush but still need to appear put together.  They’re basically a glorified fancy pajama pant, if you will.  Most times, these type of pants are paired with cropped tops, which made me want to try styling them differently and make this look more “work appropriate.”  And if you don’t have to deal with dress codes, I’m envious.  Anyways, this plain grey t-shirt tucked in seemed like a great start and instead of layering with a necklace, I opted for this neck tie (which is actually just the tie from a black trench coat I have).  When I’m not wearing heels, you can usually find me in these sneakers so they were an obvious choice and I really liked how they looked underneath the pants.  Since wearing this, I’ve experimented with different tops combinations and these pants have easily become something I’ll reach for all Summer long. I just got back from New York, where I wore these pants two separate days with different tops so stay tuned to see other ways I styled them.  I’ll be sharing everything we shot within the next couple of weeks, I’m so excited~~ xx






t-shirt: GAP // jacket: H&M // pants: ZARA // shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN // neck tie: (not sure to be honest, it’s the tie from a black trench coat I have)

photos by: Calyssa Pickles // 

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