Moonlit Silhouettes





It’s no surprise that I love wearing pieces that may not always be deemed as “flattering”.  In my opinion, the challenge of taking something oversized and working it into my closet to make it versatile and wearable is something I truly enjoy doing.  With this territory however, I do receive speculation every now and then for how I dress, hearing comments that I always “wear baggy clothing” or “don’t show off my body”.  These comments concern me for more than one reason.  One, being that how I dress does not define me as a person and wearing looser clothing, or going against whatever this week’s media portrayal of what sexy is, does not mean I’m trying to hide my body or am ashamed of it in any way.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve steered away from dressing in head to toe form fitting clothing because aside from feeling constantly suffocated, I also found it to be very boring.  I like to mix different hemlines and silhouettes and challenging other’s perceptions of “how women should dress”.  Maybe this is why I choose to express myself this way through clothing and by challenging people to think outside the general perception of what is attractive, perhaps make some sort of difference.  Whatever it may be, I encourage anyone to do the same and always keep an open mind when it comes to exploring your personal style and what makes you feel most confident.  

top: Zara / jacket: H&M / jeans: American Eagle / shoes: Christian Louboutin


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