Must Haves For Fall, PT. 2: Button Downs

BUTTONDOWNS_final blog headerBUTTONDOWNS_final_no titlesWelcome back to pt.2 of this series!  Today we’re talking button downs.  I wanted to include a good mix of colours, textures and styles as lately I’m trying to experiment a little bit with wearing different colours.  It has been a bit of a struggle, but I like the challenge.  These kinds of shirts are great for layering and they look great with anything from skirts to boyfriend jeans.  If you’d like your outfit to look more polished, reach for something with a good crisp fabric and a classic shape.  If you’re looking to be a little more casual, reach for a flannel or something very flowy and loose.  The shirt you pair with your outfit can completely change the vibe and feeling so have fun with different shapes and how you wear them!

Onto the shirts, starting top row, left to right

BDG Christine Checkered Shirt – Urban Outfitters, $59
Kimchi Blue Sarah Button Down – Urban Outfitters, $44
1969 Western Tencel Denim Shirt – Gap, $59.95
Denim Sleeve White Shirt – Pixie Market, $56
JOA Collar Sheer Dress Shirt – Daily Look, $47.99
Miranda Shirt Dress – Daily Look, $54.99
Super Soft Plaid BF Shirt – Garage, $36.90
Pop Boutique Check Shirt – ASOS,  $53.25
Short Sleeve Casual Shirt – ASOS, $68.13
Glamorous Oversize Checked Shirt – ASOS, $59.64

After this series of posts is finished, I’ve been thinking about taking my list of items from my own closet and showing different ways of styling them to give you some more ideas.  What do you guys think!



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