NYC in 48 hours // Part 1

Two days and a night in New York is not nearly enough time, but you also don’t say no to the chance at a mini vacay.  Aside from the very obvious problem of not being able to extend our visit past 48 hours, I also had to tackle “the pack”.  I overthink everything, which can be a blessing and a curse. When it comes to packing, it’s typically the latter.  For this trip, I knew that wouldn’t be an option which meant strategic thinking was a must.  The main goal: only pack what will actually be used/worn.  Believe me when I say it turned out easier than I initially thought.

This post is going to focus on Day 1 and what I wore on the flight as well as throughout the day/night.  The post following this one is going to outline Day 2, my outfit and a brief pack list including must have makeup items, etc.





For the flight, I wore this exact outfit plus a hat (which I wanted to wear the following day but didn’t want to squish it in my suitcase) and was wearing my favourite slip on sneakers instead of these boots.  We had an extremely early flight so this may not be many people’s first choice of outfits to fly in but we were on and off the plane in an hour and a half.  I also knew we’d be dropping our bags and heading out as soon as we arrived at our hotel so it just made sense.  A lot of our first day was spent walking so after we took these photos I switched back into my sneakers, just in case.

 tank: Zara / plaid shirt: Zara / jacket: H&M / jeans: Topshop / boots: Aldo / sunglases: Aldo


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