NYC in 48 Hours // Part 2



To finish this two-part post, I thought providing a brief packing list of what I actually brought and how I managed to wear a lot of the same pieces both days could be beneficial for anyone in the same situation.  For makeup, I kept it pretty simple and brought just the basics (IMO).  For those with more minimal makeup preferences, I’m sure this list could be condensed.  Here’s what I packed:

-Estee Lauder foundation here
-Quo Beauty sponge here
-Urban Decay concealer here
-Eyelash curler 
-Maybelline waterproof mascara here
-Kat Von D Shade+Light eyeshadow palette here
-Two eyeshadow brushes & a powder/face brush
-BECCA highlight powder in Moonstone here
-Maybelline blush in mauve here
-MAC lip pencil in Cherry here
-MAC lipstick in Faux here


For clothing, since I knew what I would be doing, it was easy to plan ahead.  Here’s what I packed:

-American Apparel black body suit (wore as a top with both outfits) here
-Topshop Joni jeans (worn both days) here
-H&M leather jacket (both days)
-Aldo necklace (both days) here
-Zara sheer plaid top (Day 1) here
-Aldo boots (Day 1) here
-Zara striped button down (Day 2)
-Christian Louboutin “Iriza” (Day 2) here
-Aldo floppy hat (Day 2)
-Christian Louboutin Roller 1c1s Flats (to fly & part of Day 1) here

To be realistic, I probably didn’t need to bring three pairs of shoes…but no one’s perfect.

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