Summer Dressing


Hot weather is not my friend. I don’t hate hot Summer days and honestly really enjoy sunny weather, but I really don’t like being in the heat – if that makes any sense. Since I like to layer pieces on top of one another with most of my outfits, hot Summer days don’t give me much to work with in the layering department.  I always just feel like my outfits are mediocre because it was too hot to layer a jacket or top over something – you feel me?  Anyways, when I found this dress I felt like my style prayers had been answered.  This blue and striped maxi dress is both versatile and looks great as a stand alone piece which means layering is an after thought and totally not necessary.  Most times, I’ll accessorize like I’ve done here, with a silver choker and longer chain. Depending on where I’m going, the shoes will change, but these Louboutin sandals have been a favourite of mine for everyday.




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