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All of these pieces embody everything that I love, mashed into one outfit and they’re all pieces that work interchangeably with almost everything in my closet.  I was on my way to Lane’s house so we could shoot and had only planned on bringing one outfit (which will be posted soon), and this is what I threw on right before he picked me up.  Needless to say, this outfit also made the cut.  Thanks to the lovely Canadian weather (note the sarcasm) that is right around the corner/basically here, I decided we should throw one more outfit into the mix before it too late and too cold.

When I first purchased these jeans, I mostly wanted them because of the light wash colour.  I thought it would be nice for the summer and warmer weather, but they’ve proven to be more versatile than I originally thought.  They’re my go to jeans and I wish I had bought them in other colours when I had the chance because I feel like a crazy person wearing them days on end.  Maybe I’m one of the only people who notices when others wear certain pieces repeatedly.  Maybe??  Probably not.  But hey, I’m just a girl who loves her denim..specifically these ones.

jacket: H&M / jeans: American Eagle / denim shirt: Value Village / boots: Aldo


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