The Perfect White T-Shirt


A couple months back, I found myself in a frenzy looking for a top to go with this skirt – a task more daunting than it seems.  I had an event to go to and for some reason, my mind was made up in wearing this skirt.  I can’t be alone in feeling that you never find what you’re looking for when you have something specific in mind.  Everything I tried on was either too cropped, had too much volume, wrong get the picture.  A woman on a mission, I took a second lap around the mall and walked into Aritzia, which admittedly is not a store I visit often, but it lead me to find the perfect white t-shirt. I know, I know, it’s literally just a plain white t-shirt with no pockets or significant detailing but it’s the cut that sold me.  There’s an elastic on the bottom!!  Which clearly,  makes it the best cropped top (EVER) to pair with any high waisted skirt or pant.  What I love most is that it gives you that “tucked in” look without the bulk.  I’ve found it to be such a versatile piece and reach for it on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.  Not only does that mean I’ve become extremely familiar with hand washing my whites but I’ve also debated going back to see if it comes in any other colours.  I’m about to be super boring, but I feel like this could also be great in black..yes? x




shirt: Wilfred // shoes: Christian Louboutin // necklace: Aldo

photos taken by: Calyssa Pickles []

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  1. Hi Meaghan. It’s Anne Bowers, Dave’s wife. I would like to find this t-shirt at Aritzia. Could you please tell me what it’s called or at least the brand name? Artizia has lots of brands that it sells. Also, I love the skirt you’re wearing in the photo. Where did that come from? Thank you.

  2. I love this combination meg! Im not a fashion expert but that necklace with the white shirt is just absolute love! <3


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