Thrift vs. Gift

_NKN7496--WEB _NKN7507--webI remember my mom and I making day trips to go and drive 40 minutes to the nearest Value Village.  We’d stop and grab coffee right before and then spend hours searching the racks for the best deals.  Because of my mom, thrift shopping has become something that I love and some of the best pieces in my wardrobe have only cost me 4-6 dollars.  I think what I love most about thrifting is that I usually have stories that go behind the pieces I pick up.  This particular plaid shirt I found after a full day of shopping and only buying basic t-shirts that were to replace old ones I already owned.  I found this men’s plaid button up while my friend and I waited for our takeout Chinese to be ready in a random plaza we stopped at.  Talk about the perfect ending to the day.

These glossy Docs on the other hand, were a gift to me from my parents for my birthday last year.  I’m slowly breaking them in, as quickly as I can and love pairing them with anything from dresses and skirts to the pair of skinny jeans I’m wearing here.

Total cost: $180

plaid shirt: Goodwill (similar here&here) • tank: Urban Planet • jeans: American Eagle (similar here) • shoes: Dr. Martens

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